Bearing Failure Analysis in Wind Turbines

The link highlights an issue most of us never have to consider, lightening strike. for example.

Having previously inspected bearings from smaller turbines JAD Analysis ware asked to examine and inspect bearings from a much larger turbine as condition monitoring checks had suggested that the blade pitch bearings had an issue.

Blade pitch bearings are mounted at the hub end of the blades and allow them to adjust their angle into the wind.

Three 500 Kg bearings were sent to us and were disassembled at a specialist Machine Shop.
The internal examination carried out identifed some raceway damage and anomalies within the lubricating grease.

Fortunately this turbine had not been struck by lightning but, JAD Analysis were able to assist the operating company by highlighting aspects of the maintenance regime that are likely to extend bearing lives in similar turbines that they control.

JAD Analysis generally examines bearings much smaller than these such as rail transmission or electric motor bearings, comprehensive reports on the condition are generally produced and when requested counter measures to resolve identified issues are suggested.

JAD's bearing failure analysis service has its own website, visit here: JAD Bearing Failure Analysis