Case Study: JAD's HR services for the Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative

Jane Riley, on behalf of JAD Associates (Improvement Solutions) Ltd, was invited by Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative (LTI), in February 2015, to provide HR expertise in the development of an appropriate HR framework suitable for LTI’s needs and to facilitate transition to this framework in the light of a revised organisational structure in respect of current staff employed.

The LTI was formed approximately 15 years ago because Travellers’ were not accessing full time education in Gainsborough; They set up a parent and toddler group in Gainsborough, obtained some lottery funding, registered as a Charity and employed one play group worker and it grew from there. It developed to incorporate Lincoln and then funding was received which enabled the organisation to expand to county-wide.

The organisation developed in a very fluid manner due to the nature of the funding streams coming in. A large majority of the funding is restricted whereby the sponsor sets conditions on how the monies should be spent.

Funding is generally time-limited and aimed at delivery of a specific piece of work. Whilst expansion therefore brought great achievements and outcomes, it nevertheless resulted in a seemingly chaotic organisational structure which developed with no clear boundaries or accountabilities for staff and no performance metrics against which the organisation could be measured. This led to staff being unsure of their responsibilities and some potential leadership and management issues as there appeared to be no clear mission statement or objectives to which the organisation was working.

At the time of JAD’s engagement there were six Trustees. The roles and responsibilities of each Trustee were being developed and more clearly documented and agreed. The organisation was also transitioning from a Charity to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation which also reflected how the organisation had expanded; this move would also facilitate the implementation of a new organisational structure and constitution.

Jane met with two of the Trustees and proposed development of an HR framework in the form of an employee handbook and implementation of revised contracts of employment which should be reviewed annually in the light of most staff being employed on a fixed term basis. Jane developed the handbook and contracts via regular contact with the Trustees and was available for telephone support during the implementation phase.

Paul Boucher, Director said that the project “was completed comfortably within the agreed timescale” and that LTI were “very comfortable with the content and structure”. He confirmed that the project represented “good value and a good investment for our organisation”. He said he would recommend JAD Associates to other organisations.

Find out more about LTI on their website here: Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative.

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